There’s something about this piece which makes it tricky to style 6s3exbe. If you get it right you can make a major sartorial statement, and if you get it wrong, it can be a sort of fashion faux-pas.

Whilst we are still on the fence with this one, we have to admit that certain style superstars have been acing the trend to the T. Others not so much. As a sort of inspirational mood board, we’ve compiled a list of the yes and no’s of this trend.

Olivia Palermo

YES, yes, yes. No matter what Olivia Palermo wears, she looks like she’s just walked off the runway useful reference. Here too, she proves her style mettle with this chic neck scarf. Not going for the more popular choker-style, Olivia ties up a quirky printed scarf with her red plaid-print summer dress, creating an elegant ensemble. I love the peek-a-boo skin play and the understated plunging neckline. Her beige bow flats, sparkly clutch and statement cuff are the perfect complementary accessories.

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